Shadow on 10 inch tablet (playable; screen wise?)

  • 22 February 2021
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Hello community … so far I am using shadow on a desktop PC and my notebook - works great. I’m about to get a new tablet - 10 inch and 1920x1080 resolution - and like trying out Shadow on this one as well.


I am wondering if anyone is using such a table for gaming? especially wondering about whether the text of the games can be read, despite of the lower size (I am especially playing titles like Stellaris - where lots of things have to read). I suppose with titles like Civilizations its much easier.


Thanks in advance, if anyone is using such a tablet and likes to share his experiences.


Best greetings,


3 replies

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You can always adjust the zoom and text size in Windows settings on your Shadow. Personally, I use an iPad Pro 12.9-inch and I’m fine with that. Ultimately, it all depends on your preference, you can also zoom in on the app too. 

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Just to give some feedback … using Shadow now on the tablet - and it indeed works like a charm and everything is read and useable. Really enjoying it.

Using the “Blackview Tab8” (which basically is a China tablet on the lower cost side - with good reviews however - nothing to compare to an iPad Pro however … err, can we trade? :grinning:).

One word of warning (which likely is specific to this tablet). Shadow initially did not start for me (error code 300). After switching in the app to “Low bandwith mode” it then worked. This and needed to make sure that the game screen resolution fits the tablet resolution, otherwise the game is stuck in a loading screen (this is a general thing, also happens to me often as using different computers with different monitors).

As for bandwidth - I am connected via 5Ghz WLan, sitting directly next to the router (can literally touch him) and with a 100Mbit connection. My desktop computer right next to me as well and that is running like a charm network connection wise (also my mobile does not have this issue, which I also just tried on the same location spot). So it may be something related to that tablet. So, a slight warning giving - in case someone is particulary interested in that brand.


Ps. ever noticed that this forum / community is not linked at the main web page from Shadow? … wondering how most of the people ever find this place here … is that the case, or is it just me who is missing the likely clear visible link? :grinning:



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Hi @Robert Thomas 

Most of the invites for the community come after someone has purchased shadow. It is by design… -Gelgoog