Should I just have low bandwidth mode on always?

  • 14 July 2020
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First off I LOVE Shadow. I have a laptop but use a second monitor that makes it seem like it’s no different from running on desktop. I used to use Geforce NOW but it’s just nothing like Shadow as far as flexibility. I can play any of my Steam games whereas Geforce NOW does not allow it.


My question: The option to enable low bandwidth mode says its not recommended for computers and devices manufactured prior to 2014. Is that the only reason why I would not enable it? Even though I have high bandwidth, if I can make the stream more efficient, why wouldn’t I enable it if my computer is younger than 2014? Does the stream quality get worse?


Also another minor problem I had when signing up for the forum is that it asks me what subscription type I have. I don’t remember what I signed up for and the account page doesn’t seem to tell me, so I guessed. Just FYI


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If you enable the low bandwidth mode, and your device can’t decode it, the Shadow stream will crash, stop working or will work badly. The low bandwidth mode is generally recommended if you will use Shadow with 20 or less than that bandwidth. Because as far as I know it doesnt work with more than that. And secondly, you guessed correct)