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  • 6 July 2020
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Couple of questions - 

  1.  In the most recent Shadow update - there is a note that states “add an internal message related to the actual running games”  Is Shadow (the company) snooping on our Shadow PC instances now?  In the past, the messaging around this had been pretty clear that Shadow had no visibility into what we were doing on our Shadow instance.  This creates a huge privacy and security issue if there has been a change.
  1. I just noticed that the terms of use had been updated - If you haven’t looked at it in a while, there is a lot of interesting new stuff there. 

    I thought that this section was of particular interest: 
    “Blade may offer subscriptions and/or paying options that give access to different configurations, or set up optimized allocation mechanisms for server computing resources depending on use by Users. Thus, in the event that a User launches programs and applications from Shadow® that do not require the hardware resources to which they have subscribed, Shadow may use less performant resources, as long as the User's experience is not altered.” 

    Did I miss an announcement about the availability of a new variable subscription option for the higher tiers?  Also, almost sounds like they could land you on boost hardware if you aren’t playing a game they deem to be ultra or infinite worthy.

Anyone from Shadow available to clarify on these?

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Would also like to see an official answer here!