When Shadowing... Do you run everything from the Shadow VM?

  • 3 August 2020
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Greetings, I just got access to my Shadow boost.  I was wondering if users ran everything through the shadow or had things like discord still on their main device?

I’m showing 30ms latency at the moment so I’m not sure how smoothly things are going to work when I actually launch a game.

Any other tips for a noob?


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2 replies

I’m also wondering what people do, and which would be faster. The internet download speed in the Shadow server room is around 1000mbps and the upload is also crazy high. But my DL speed is about 30 and my upload is maybe 5. If nobody else is using my internet connection, and I’m playing a game, I wonder where it would be faster to run things like discord and multiple chrome tabs. Inside Shadow, or on my machine. I just got my pre-order a couple of days ago so this is something I will for sure be testing. If I remember to, ill report what I find.

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Hi Talonious,

It depends on what you are doing. In General, if you are using a mic with discord its better run locally. I happen to run discord on my shadow but my shadow is my main pc so theirs that….