Why Is The Ghost Abandoned?

  • 18 September 2020
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I am getting a lot of mixed input on the Shadow Ghost. On one hand Shadow tells us how popular they are and how the sell out so quickly when they become available. Yet on the other hand the Shadow Ghost is the most ignored platform. The Ghost is missing features that all other platforms have, including the “Quick Menu”. The Ghost is also unable to use an external USB mic unless you have very low ping. Not to mention there are no built in diagnostic tools on the Ghost. After just watching the VoD of the Q&A with the new CTO and there being no mention at all of the Ghost, I think the answer becomes obvious.

So I ask you, why do you think that the Shadow Ghost, Blade’s in house Shadow machine, is being all but abandoned?

5 replies

i feel the same, i hope with the new purchase they reconnect with their own products right?! shouldn’t be like that

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The shadow ghost is not produced anymore and it is uncertain if it will come back (in this or a newer/other form). Since raspberry Pi support is in development the main focus is there. The ghost is not able to use some of the features other desktop applications have because the hardware is very weak. The quick menu is rendered locally for example, which the ghost is just not able to do. 

Actually they already said that they're not discontinuing the Ghost they were unable to offer more products cze of the pandemic and now with the purchasing this topic stayed on hold. Hope they continue developing to it cze I really like :)

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The Ghost is missing features that all other platforms have, including the “Quick Menu”.

We don’t get a proper Quick Menu on Android clients either.

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I use my ghost all the time and have never noticed any issues with audio in fact it sometimes works better than my desktop in teams or zoom meetings. As for the quick menu I never use it so no loss. Mine is coming up to 2 years old now and I expect it will probably simply stop working like all consumer electronics do. Maybe I am lucky but I don’t seem to have been plagued with issues that some have had.