0x80073D13 error when updating Xbox Game Pass games. Already did the partition

  • 7 December 2020
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So like a week ago I followed the whole workaround to create a partition that’s compatible with Xbox/Microsoft Store. My games were running perfectly until today. They apparently need an update, but when I try to install the update, I get the 0x80073D13 code, even though I already did the workaround. 

I’ve made sure the correct drive is selected and set to default and I previously deleted the partition and did the whole damn thing over again. Now the issue is happening yet again and I’m not okay with having to delete and recreate the partition plus reinstall the games every time this happens.

Anyone have a long term fix for this? Thanks!

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Hi @aj0994 


It seems that certain clients (shadow beta and Alpha) have a windows store error but as of (12/7/2020) Stable does not. Please try shadows, stable client. Also, note that if you reset your shadow it will have the allocation size set to 4k instead of the old 16k block size. -Gelgoog.