• 3 June 2021
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I've not been able to access my shadow since this morning. Getting the A-468 error. Put in a support ticket, was told they would look into it and get back to me. That was several hours ago. No reply when I ask support for an update. 

3 replies

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This error is  related to storage migration. Once the storage migration is finish you will be able to use shadow like normal. This can take a few hours. 

How long will this take to fix? I have been getting this same error for about 7 hours and I was using my shadow just fine last night. I never got an email about any downtime or anything, I contacted support but have not heard back from them yet, I have a file on my shadow I need to get to and I also would like to play my games.

I am having the same experience, started earlier today. I appreciate the fact there was a notice, but to be told “It’ll happen to you anywhere between now and the end of the month” is a bit much for people who may have forgotten about that E-Mail/Notification. I work with datacenters and ISP’s  as a part of my day-job, this kind of notification would never be approved.


Heads up, your Shadow will be in maintenance mode for a maximum of 12 hours. This can occur between today and June 30.