A problem with Roblox

Hi !
I have a question for Shadow users.
Is the Roblox app still working on your end?
Because for me, no.
Whenever I want to launch the application, the application crashes showing me an error message.
I have already contacted Roblox technical support but the solutions given did not work.
The last emails that Roblox sent me informed me that Roblox had updated its application to strengthen the security of the app.
So Roblox asked me to disable any VPN or Proxy that I enabled.
The problem is that I haven't enabled either of those two things.
But I remembered that I had a similar problem with Genshin Impact, which told me that I had activated a VPN.

Here is my question:
Do you also have problems with Roblox?
If yes, please let me know
If not, can someone help me with this problem? (If possible, someone speaking French would be ideal to communicate better)
Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any response! ^^

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