A way to disable the automatic connection of generic gamepads?

  • 15 October 2020
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Hello guys, could someone tell me how to deactivate the automatic recognition of gamepads on Shadow?, since I am having problems with shadow and the driver of my gamepad, it does not allow me to start it, I would only like to be able to activate my gamepad from USB periphericals (Not from the controllers sectionand with it FIX the recognition Automatic and error with Shadow an the gamepad driver.


Thanks in advance. :blush:



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2 replies

As far as I know there’s no way to turn off the automatic recognition on its own. However, you can use a USB forwarding program like VirtualHere to bypass Shadow’s recognition and use it as a regular usb device on Shadow.

I will admit that using VirtualHere free requires quite some work and a degree of technical knowledge. If you want the fast easy method it’ll cost you sadly.

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Unfortunately I'm not sure there is a way to turn it off, you should contact support and see if they would have an answer though)