Alt Tab in Shadow (Mac Client) not working

  • 9 December 2022
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Has anyone found out, how to ALT-TAB in Windows (in the Shadow Instance), while using the Mac Client?

It really annoys me to use Windows key to break out of full-screen apps and also not able to switch between apps via ALT-TAB.

I can’t even use the TaskView (WIN+TAB), because WIN is the CMD key in Mac and the equivalent to ALT+TAB for MacOS (CMD+TAB).

I remember that I tried to workaround this 2019 with some AutoIT-Script I build, but that wasn’t also not a perfect solution. But on my current fresh Shadow Installation, no such scripts and tweaks are installed.

Key Remapping doesn’t work and also hotkey-alteration via BetterTochTools wasn’t successful either.

So this bug seems to still existing since 2018.

How are you (the other users) solving it, what are your workarounds?

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Can you try using the Windows on-screen keyboard? You can search for it in your Windows search bar.