Amsterdam Incident

About [Identified] Incident detected on AMS datacenter on a storage system. 395 users impacted.
Only because its for 2 days now , can i ask how long will it take to solve the problem in the Amsterdam server ?


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Hey @autohop 
The issue has been resolved and people are able to connect to their shadow. A few people may have some performance issues but there haven’t been any reports of that actually being noticeable.

hmm then it might be my connection cuz every time i log in to shadow after like 10-15  second everything freezes

Same for me, frezzing from time to time.

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yesterday I had connection problems with a way out and fall guys.

I have been disconnected several times from a way out and fall guys, same with origin and steam.

Still experiencing major problems with my Shadow on Amsterdam server..

I'm also experiencing major lag and speed issues with the Amsterdam server...