Android 11 real gamepad not working properly

  • 23 September 2020
  • 3 replies

Since I've updated my pixel 3a to android 11

I cannot use a gamepad (bluetooth or connected through OTG cable). 

The gamepad control only the application interface, and the inputs aren't sent to Shadow's server.

I guess Android 11 "improve" the way gamepad are used.


3 replies


Yup, having the exact same issue. For reference I am using the DualShock 4 controller.

I am using Shadow on my Nvidia Shield Android TV and wanted to get the windows key of my blutooth connected keyboard working. By default it is set to open a search window, overriding the intended use within Shadow.

So far I managed to disable the key when Shadow is running, so it may be doable to remap it to my needs, per program. Many options are already available and may just be enough to fix your issues.


Link to the xda page below (.apk link there)


:) Did you press OK (remote) in shadow > enter menu > turn on psy controller compatibility. (works for me) 
You can use Virtual Here Free version on android devices. 
Download VH android app.
Download VH client app on shadow windows
> in your router > port forwarding > select shield TV IP address (found in shield) + port/gate 7575.
> in the app yes to external controller
> in your VH client (so in shadow win 10) right click  > use this hub> fill in the Public IP address of your local network - google it) + IP:7575.
> It should work and there is a direct connection. Now you can set controller settings etc)

Hope this helps.