Android App sending touch inputs to the left

  • 18 July 2021
  • 4 replies

Using the Android App on a Samsung galaxy s21. When I tap the display the pointer clickes half a screen to the left, leaving no way to interact with the right half of the screen. I was recently using the windows app in dual screen mode if that helps.

Things I have tried so far include:

Restarting the shadow

Restarting the app

Reinstalling the app

And Restarting the phone

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4 replies

Same issue with IOS version !! Please correct app impossible to use

I had the same problem.

Solved it by going into the settings and activated update graphics driver.

Hope this will help you

I have the same problem, it persists after updating graphics driver.

Go to  Display settings (through the windows settings) once you get to this menu enable the virtual controller (you'll need this to easily scroll down the page) then press r2 until you get down to "Multiple displays" and instead of extended display choose "show only on 1"