Android App stuck at "starting shadow"


Any solution?


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Any solution?

Generally this is because of a windows update. Wait upto an hour and dont turn it off. If it lasts longer, contact shadow support.

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I've been back and forth with support, I had the same issue, and I diagnosed it was due to the ShadowManager service not starting, but they tried to roll it back, and then ultimately I had to reset my Shadow. 

I'd contact support, and don't be scared of a reset, just back up your save files + other program settings to something like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. I was scared, but with the blazing fast speeds of the Shadow's internet, I was up and running back with all of my files and games within three hours of resetting.


Everytime i open the app on android i need to reinstall the app to pass the “starting shadow” if i try just open the app for some reason we get stuck at the sad screen witch is awful. i think its not an update or anything with the windows but the app that don’t work right. 

Usually when im stuck at “starting shadow” on my android the shadow starts(the windows is running) but the app can’t connect to the server, every time i’ve contacted the support my pc was on, only the app that wasn’t working. they shut down and if you try to start again without log out or reinstall the same happen. so everytime, only works if i reinstall the app. 


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If you have access to a computer, shutdown Shadow, wait 15 minutes, then start it again.

This so weird Shadow not giving me access to shutdown to turn off to restart..( Since I'm unable to shut off Shadow on their settings ). I've gone to Android settings and force stop Shadow app. Once Shadow force stop to reopened still not connecting, the desktop display screen still continue to loop ( starting Shadow ) stream not  accessing to open Shadow completely to play my games. This happened to me before with Shadow when I done a reset  Shadow still continued to not work. I suggest to all don't do reset you'll be very irate and disappointed with Shadow Services after you've done factory  reset to found out this didn't work. Shadow still loops to ( starting Shadow ) on display screen nothing changed . I done a trouble ticket Shadow service fix the issue in New York DataCenter since I live in PA. When Shadow stop working before 2 months ago it took one week and a half for Shadow to work since I wrote in my ticket why we as valuable Customers making payment monthly to Shadow and we're not getting good services when Shadow decides not to working. Shadow needs to waiver $29 a month until their service officially working properly. I do know this we as Customers surely not paying for crappy services. My question why have Shadow raise the Price to $29 a month when their services not guaranteed to worki permanent. Once Shadow permanently  is working  properly then come back to offer us $29 month. Right Now I believe Shadow not in a position to charge any of us this above amount until they get it together.