Android Launcher - shows no games

  • 14 December 2020
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I am rather new to Shadow, but one thing I would really like to use more often is the ability to start games directly from the Android launcher. I have only connected a game pad to my android devices and trying to start a game once booted into Windows is cumbersome…

I also tried booting into Steam Big Picture Mode, but that sometimes gives me D3D error messages at start.

Since there is this feature already shown on android to start games, I would like to know how to populate them? I have installed 4-5 games, but none of them are shown in the android launcher.

I tried the option to re-load the list, but that did not work out yet.




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2 replies

I have the same issue on all my android devices : Pixel 5, Galaxy Tab S5e and Shield TV

My list of games is empty, even the button for Steam Big Picture has disappeared.

I clicked on “refresh list” but nothing changes.

Same here. I know have steam setup to launch in big picture on start. The App list never really worked for me anyway. Some games would never show in the list even the ones from steam. And when they did show up in the app list games would only start less then 10% of the time when selected.

Would like to have an option when I connect via Android app to go right to the desktop. Right know we connect see an empty App list and then have to click shows desktop.