Anyone else have a consistent latency with Shadow?

  • 19 April 2021
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So, I know latency for shadow is supposed to be around 30ms or so, but in the Quick Menu, it says this:


My maximum bitrate is 45mb/s (set by the auto setup)

My fps is 5 (currently, on Google Chrome)

My bandwidth is 0.3mb/s

My latency is 41ms

And my packet loss is 0%

See, everything runs fine, with a slight latency here and there, for the most part. But occasionally, we will say.. between every 5-15 minutes, there will be a huge lag spike, and then after that the latency is worse, consistently. Usually just the microphone latency, meaning that something I say doesn’t get transmitted until a few seconds after I say it. I can hear, see, and interact with the shadow just fine after the lag, but speaking seems to be an issue. 


Anyone else having this problem. or know how to fix it? I’m currently using the Alpha build, but I had this same problem with the official version and the Beta. 

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I like using (selecting the “Compare Frame Rates: Video Game Motion”) for assessing stream performance, as it’s a simple way to generate “activity” without launching a game.

Can you provide a screenshot of your Quick Menu (WIN+ALT+O) while running the test in fullscreen? It will look like this:

Note that latency is mostly a function of distance...there is no “set limit” on what it will be, as it depends on how far away you are from the data center, subject to routing adjustments made by ISPs.

Also, are you testing with Ethernet? As WiFi is subject to volatility no matter how “good” it is.

In any case, the sorts of issues you are describing are typically a function of network quality, which can vary depending on many factors.