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The inactivity warning box no longer goes away when pressing a key or moving my mouse. It just stays and eventually shuts down my Shadow when I'm using it ...

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Hi @Everstorm 

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Describe the bug →

  1. One goes afk for like 10-15 minutes (can we have this time to attend bathroom/similar or it jeopardises the efficiency of crypto mining on your end?)
  2. One comes back once the job is done
  3. One sees the yellow warning about being afk
  4. One moves mouse and spams controller button so it goes away, and this includes switching to desktop
  5. After quite some spamming, the warning goes away (Ok, we’re good here and we can live with the stuttering this pop-up causes)
  6. Couple of minutes later, the instance shuts down even though the warning box is not there
  7. One loses all souls with no entity responsible to compensate

4.30.6 - 3.16.10 - (Mac Pro M1 → not that it might matter but I think it would be asked)