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Does anyone know of a solution or workaround to get games running at a 4:3 aspect ratio on an iPad using shadow? (2160x1620). 
some games allow for this in video settings (doom 2016 for example) but many don’t (outer worlds and Gears ultimate edition are locked at 16:9 for example) 

it’s just irritating to have black bars top and bottom. Anyone know of a solution? 


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Yes it is possible if Doom 3 folder has a config file and if it is there then open it in notepad

in there you might be able to see the resolution on which game is running, then just change the resolution to your desired one and it will work.

I did this in quantum break when I wanted to play it 4K but in setting it just go maximum to 1080P


So, try it and hope it will work

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I’ll give it a try mate cheers.