Audio constantly goes out

  • 19 November 2020
  • 4 replies

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I don't know why, but after about 30 minutes or so the audio in my games completely glitch out. I lose all audio..The only way to get it back is to restart shadow and the game...Anyone else have this problem?

4 replies

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Have you tried lowering your bandwidth to 1, does the issue continue to happen?

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I don't understand what lowering the bandwidth will do? I monitor my network. I have 1gb fiber-optic and zero packet loss. Bandwidth shouldn't be an issue

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Also sometimes when I first get into shadow the keyboard won't work and everything else does. A simple reboot and it works fine again

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I'm on a laptop with everything built in so it's not a usb issue. It all started about 2 months ago. I had tech support completely wipe my shadow and start fresh and it still does it