Audio lag on chromecast

  • 7 November 2022
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Hello I have a little issue I hope someone knows a solution to:

When playing games on Shadow using the app on Chromecast with google tv the audio is not sync. Video is good(1440p,60), no input lag to speak of. 

Example: when i fire a weapon the bang is always later than the flash. Also makes conversations hard to look at. It's just off.. Not a full second but enough to notice. 

I never have this problem using any other app on the Chromecast (Stadia, Netflix, YouTube etc.).

I can rule out Shadow itself. No problems on my android phone OR on my PC. Audio is perfect.

Network is also not very likely te be the problem, networktest shows at least 70MB/S. I have shadow set at 45MB/s. 

So I think the problem might be some other setting in the app or on the Chromecast itself. Or perhaps hardware limitations? 

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