Audio or USB forwarding?

  • 13 April 2022
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So I just got shadow and nothing is going good.

Im setting everything up and I have no audio so I go to check the audio and none of my drives are there. Not even the laptop speakers. I watch a couple of YouTube videos and they have on usb forwarding but I don’t have the option for it. I’m using a hyperx quad cast and a turtle beach headset. If someone can help it would be greatly appreciated.


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3 replies

same thing happened to me, i finally got the usb to pop up my mic work cleary i can hear me talking, but trying to listen to game audio, or a video on youtube the speakers pop the whole time and you cant hear anything but the pops ive looked everywhere to try to figure out a resolution but still havent found one..


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Hey there @Sepey, sorry to hear that your are experiencing sound issue.


For starters, let's try reinstalling the latest GPU drivers on Shadow as that has audio components as part of the update. You can use Nvidia's GeForce Experience to update your drivers on Shadow:


When you’re using your headset, are you using the mic feature? If so, please make sure to enable your mic under microphones in the Shadow Quick Menu and not under USB Peripherals as that can possibly cause the sound to not work.



Yes I’ve tried everything In my power . When I speak into the mic I hear myself clear as day I’ve updated drivers, and people can hear me clear, but I can’t hear them or any type of audio it just sounds like it’s skipping or crackling