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  • 6 October 2021
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I am trying to sign into my Shadow and it is asking me for an authorization code but nothing is coming through the email. At the time of posting this I have been trying for over 30 minutes.

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4 replies

Same for me. I can receive messages from support and for code bowser login, but nothing for the windows 10 application.

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Hello @Fictionaltv @vanchaxy 
Current maintenance works did influence the auth code system. It does currently not work and users aren't able to register a new device and to access their userspace. They are working on it (

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Seems not to be first time this has happened. Wonder if they'll will discount the time not being able to use Shadow on a new device 🤔

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I had this problem and Shadow support team just informed me that a hotfix was deployed. I had multiple emails come thru at once.