Auto-Shutdown occurring when I am using the Shadow.

  • 12 January 2022
  • 3 replies

Hello there everyone. I am having an issue as of the last couple of days where my Shadow turns off of its own accord with the auto-shutdown system and no matter how much I click my mouse or type, watch a video, anything at all, it just shuts down anyway. I am using a wireless mouse and keyboard and have never had this issue before.


Any suggestions? I have tried a wired connection, same thing.

3 replies

I’m having the same problems, and I’ve even run into the same issue where I saw the warning, and even after rushing to the window and clicking/hitting keys etc, it still shut down on me anyway.

I have same problem, I'm using Shadow Boost and using my Android and Laptop, both have the same problem, after 30 minutes, it's show notification any keyboard wasn't impacted to shadow, it's still shutdown.


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Hello @cyineedsn1 @TheKalZul!

Please make sure to provide information about your mouse and device you are using, otherwise helping you will become very difficult. 

If you are using a Shadow Ghost 👻 you have to have your Keyboard / Mouse plugged into the back USB 2.0 slots, as the 3.0 slots will automatically forward the device directly to the shadow, therefore they are not able to trigger the shutdown timer to jump back.