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  • 1 March 2021
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Hi, I am a shadower for over a year now and the experience with the service has been a mixed bag of good and bad stuff. Lately however, the service seems to have gotten worse. What previously took Shadow PC like 30 sec to fully boot up for remote use, now it is in minutes (like 5-10 mins). And after so much waiting, there is a 50% chance, that Shadow will detect a wrong resolution, which leaves me with no other   choice  to close the stream and restarting the lenghty process again. Anyone else having such troubles? Or is this inefficiency of the random updates that caused this?


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Hi @YanDo 

If your experiencing problems of that severity I suggest you send log’s when it happens. Attach the log ID to the ticket you would need to open in your account page and wait for official support to get back to you. -Gelgoog.