• 7 September 2020
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I have an ISP with a  download speed in excess of 400. I’ve tested it multiple times using 5G and hardline. >400 each time. However, running shadow speed test, it keeps coming in under 8. 8!? Why? lol


Best answer by Jim29er 7 September 2020, 22:49

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11 replies

Seems to be running fine. Thanks for helping, Jim :)

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Oh, I see what you mean now...when the Shadow client tests your bandwidth to set the desired throughput for the streaming. You can set that manually, if you think the test is not representative of reality.

I suppose I can ignore it, as I know my download is much higher.. idk lol

It prompted me for a speed test? It also let me retest several times. Each time came in under 8 download yet over 20 up lol

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Roger; how are you testing from within the app?

Yes, I activated within the past hour

172 down, 23 up

I’ve used the link, Jim. The speed test there confirms my down and up are more than sufficient. Not sure why that is not reflected in the app itself.

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Do you have a Shadow subscription yet?

Your virtual machine will be provisioned in the data center closest to you, so in your case that would be Dallas. And to test speed/latency with that data center, you would use this:

What are the results of that one?

Hi Jim, thanks for replying!  :)


I’m in Texas. Could you clarify what you mean by which data center am I testing?

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Where are you, and which data center are you testing?