Bandwidth allocation issue

  • 14 December 2022
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Hi, I'm having some issues with lag during streaming. I'm on a 5Ghz wifi channel and my download speed is above 15Mb/s, so the connection is stable and no packets should be lost. I've been using the auto detect feature on Shadow to select my bit rate, and it usually chooses 5Mbps for me. However, when I run a test on my Chromecast, I get a speed of 70Mbps. It seems like either Shadow or my router is not allocating enough bandwidth. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for fixing this issue?

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1 reply

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Have you tried connecting over Ethernet or restarting your modem/router?


Please follow the steps in this help center article to see if that helps improve your connection and FPS:


Should that not work, please contact our Support Team from your account page so they can look further into this.