best device to play Shadow in 1440p at 100hz or more

  • 5 July 2020
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Hello all,

I am new to Shadow and looking forward to my activation to get started. Currently I have an Ipad Pro 2020 connected over USB-C to a Philips UltraWide supporting 1440p @ 100hz.

IOS does not seem to scale well on UltraWide monitors, except of Apple TV and Netflix movies it seems to be locked at 4:3 aspect ratio. My assumption is that shadow will therefore also not work in full screen. Also it’s hard to determine if the IPad allows an output of more than 60hz. Even though the screen is 120hz of the IPad Pro.

When I can start using Shadow I would love to be able to play full screen and on 100hz On my monitor. I know a 1080 is not strong enough for all games to run at 100hz, but some lighter games will do fine.

What device do you recommend to connect to this monitor and to be able play shadow in 1440p @ 100hz?



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