Best settings for iPad Pro 12,9'

  • 9 November 2020
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Hello everyone,

I hope someone is here to help me finding the best settings for my iPad Pro 12,9’. I’m playing WD Legion right now and it looks pretty nice, but there is something like “micro-lags” all the time. It seems to run not fluid enough. 

Right now the resolution is set to the native settings (2.732 x 2048, 60 HZ) and the Low-Bandwith-Mode is activated. My network should be fast enough with 100 Mbps and mostly under 18 ms latency using an USB-C Ethernet-Adapter.

 I’m trying to find the right settings to make it fluid and stop the micro lags. 

Is anyone here who can tell me his/ her settings for the iPad?


Thanks before!

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