Better peformance on different local systems (visually)

  • 13 October 2021
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My friend recently got his shadow pc. We tried playing the same game (warzone), but he had always 20 fps less. after some updating (drivers, windows updates etc) i got almost the same fps as on my shadow pc. But there's still one issue. it just seems that the gameplay on my screen is smoother than on his. we got the exact settings ingame and the latest updates.

Could it be that my pc hz matches the fps that shadow is putting out better? i got 60hz and he has 75hz, Shadow show on us both at most 60 fps. I tried changing while streaming to show 75 fps, but it kept automatically changing it back to 60 on his pc. 

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2 replies


Here we go again and again. Shadow keeps fixing the issue not have access to Shadow after a day or just a half a day Shadow is back to square one not working what is Shadow doing? First you fix it then its not working what the hell ...come up. Someone in the Dept needs to fix Shadow properly I shouldn't have no service of every single day. And you want we to pay $29 a month for what I haven't a decent service yet with Shadow. My display as always still looping on ( Starting Shadow ) and nothing else is happening to gain access to play my games and do whatever. This needs to get to the bottom of this ASAP. Before huge amount of us customers cancel Shadow first good. Than other friends and families will know about Shadow and its crappy service not working of every single day. Then thousands of customers report Shadow to BBB taking our money and giving us daily poor services.

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Hi @P0rthos If you have not sent in a ticket on this issue then please do so.