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  • 30 July 2020
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I have 49 ping when I do speed test from Amsterdam, will my Shadow work so that I can play games like My Summer Car or GTA V smoothly?


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4 replies

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Playable yes but whether you feel lag or not depends on you. Some people do feel the slightest lag were others don’t even recognize anything.


Did you use a wired connection?

Nope and i cant use it . I use 5GHz wifi. However, in LOL I have 54 ms and in my opinion the lag is not felt.

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As Wellnice mentioned, Some lag in game can be a huge issue. Example, in FPS games like CSGO or call of duty i notice it a lot more then i do from a RPG or a dungeon crawler. As far as the ping its self you should be fine with no real draw backs outside of what i mentioned. 

Ok thanks.