Big stutters after Shadow update?

  • 3 June 2020
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This has been happening since about last week since an update came, around the creation of the Shadow forum. Every few minutes there is a huge freeze that I usually fix by toggling Low Bandwidth mode on or off. Is this a common issue? I’ve seen topics about it but the conclusion is always that the issue is on their end and not Shadow’s.

Another clue that leads me to believe that it’s not on my end is that checking the “Fullscreen on start” option on the launcher makes it so that when you start your Shadow, the task bar on your normal PC is still visible (usually fixed by going into windowed and into fullscreen again.) This hasn’t happened since the update. So there must be something going on here, right?

I’m going to try to reinstall Shadow to check if that fixes anything first.


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1 reply

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I uninstalled Shadow, deleted every “shadow” folder on my PC (as uninstalling it doesn’t delete everything) and reinstalled. I also restarted my router just to be safe. I’m sure uninstalling is what did it but who knows, all’s good now. Hope whoever’s having this problem finds this.

Someone should do something about that Fullscreen bug, though.