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Short version: Will the development team need to account for each unique bluetooth device type that is eventually compatible with Shadow PC, or should most bluetooth devices work without issue?


My case: I’m building out a golf simulator with a few different bluetooth devices, and I’ve been unable to get them to connect. I’m using MacOS Catalina, and the devices aren’t appearing as available for connection in my bluetooth settings. I’m assuming MacOS connections weren’t accounted for given the software is PC based.


I’d like to use Shadow if possible, so I’m considering purchasing a cheap PC laptop in hopes that if I can get the devices connected that they’ll appear as available for use in Shadow. 


However, if that will not be the case, and the Shadow team would need to accommodate each unique device specifically, then I’d rather not purchase the cheap laptop for a test that will definitely fail. 


Anyone have any insight?


For reference, I’m currently messing around with the Rapsody R-Motion, the Tittle-X, and will be adding either a Skytrak or Mevo+ down the road.

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