Broken shadow, No connection to Cloud possible, black screens in windows and android

  • 25 June 2022
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Anyone has a solution.

I only get black screens and no connections after trying to connect to Shadow.
Windows app = black screen after startup.
Android app = black screen after ‘ wait for video ‘ message.

Restarted and reloaded the app. All are latest versions.
Internet at home is 300 down and 35 up with 1 ms latency.
No bg apps running.

The answers from Shadow have been vague and I suspect there are major issues in their service. Unfortunately I dont pay 30 bucks for a non working service.






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2 replies


Sorta the same thing with me though most of the time I can get it going after a few tries. But yes, tech support is next to useless. They respond once and ask you to do some things and after you do that there is no follow up and nothing gets actually fixed.

So I had this issue on windows shadow client. Out of desperation I did ctrl alt delete and got the task manager up (I was very surprised it came up) and then File menu, Run New Task, typed “Explorer”, boom it works. Old trick from hanging windows installs I have had before.