Broken USB Forwarding WIn 11

  • 17 April 2022
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HI, I am using a windows 11 system and the usb forwarding is broken, it works fine on my windows 10 machine fine. the attached is the recurring error i keep getting. 




I did try to follow the help center article. the first step uninstalling the driver system goes smoothly but the second delete the usbservice64.exe I cant do as its not in the task manager. 


Any help would be appreciated….


also i have gotten usb to work on windows 11 before but it stopped...


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2 replies

Bug reporting Template

  • USB Drivers Fail Install

    • On Windows 11 the usb forward drivers fail to install. either on the beta or official. i keep getting this or reboot just to get this. Clicking Uninstall drivers or Fix Drivers throws the same error.

    • I followed the instructions in the help article to uninstall the drivers and it still persist and never got the forwarding to happen. i don’t use a vpn.
  • Steps to reproduce the bug (required)

    • Start shadow app. pops up saying usb drivers need fixing.  click fix or uninstall, reboot system, pop up with error about usb devices redirection

    • This will occur 100% of the time.

  • Application/device, official or beta, and version number (required)

    • Windows official Launcher v4.30.6 Client v3.16.10

    • WIndows Beta Launcher v4.30.6 Client v3.16.9

  • Additional Context

    • Provide any additional information here

      • I am using a dell Laptop with an 11th gen core i5 and xe graphics. windows 11 fully updated. i updated everything and it still does not work. tried with the shadow official and beta latest and does not work keeps looping on the same screen. restarted a million times and just does not work.

      • The usb forwarding works fine on windows 10. 

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Hi @Tqsinc 

For others to be able to assist you please fill out this super helpful template:


Bug reporting Template:

  • Describe the bug (required)

    • Provide a detailed description of the bug

    • Include screenshots if possible

    • Describe the bug behavior VS. the expected behavior (what should happen if working properly)

  • Steps to reproduce the bug (required)

    • Provide explicit step-by-step actions to recreate the bug.

    • Example:

      3. Try to forward the headsets you first started to notice the bug

      • 1. Start Shadow

      • 2. Plug in headset XXX

      • 2. Open the Quick Menu and mic

    • andfter these steps, does the bug occur 100% of the time? Or sometimes?

  • Application/device, official or beta, and version number (required)

    • Example: Windows official Launcher v4.14.19 Client v3.2.17

  • Additional Context

    • Provide any additional information here

      • Include relevant logs, DxDiag or specs of your computer, connection speed test results, additional screenshots or video, etc.

      • The approximate date/time that go to Microphone tab

      • Any other relevant info that could be useful

      • Copy and paste the template below and fill it out in your post: