Browser Login not working.

  • 9 January 2023
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Hi, the browser login isn’t working, (stating the obvious I suppose.)

How do I fix this? I simply tap the Log In With browser button and nothing happens, even after a few minutes.

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6 replies

I’ve got the same issue.  It just loops around all day long, doesn’t matter which browser, doesn’t matter if you clear the cache/cookies, click your heels together and wish for it to be true.  it just doesn’t work.

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Sorry to hear that you aren't able to log in properly.


I recommend trying the following:

A) Check that your date and time are synced correctly.

- For Windows:

- For Mac:


B) Reset your browser’s permissions or try a different browser.


C) Clear your browser’s cache and cookies.


D) Start an incognito or private browser session.


If you are unsuccessful in your attempts with the above fixes, be sure to reach out to Shadow Support using your account page.


Tried Edge, Chrome and Firefox,  They asked me to change my password, after which I discovered some other shadow sites would only work with the old password.  Clearly there are issues and none of the above steps resolve them.  


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