BSOD error when playing microsoft flight simulator?

hello everyone, I've been using shadow for a couple months now and all of the sudden when I'm playing games with my flight controls on MSFS i get 5 minutes in and my shadow shuts off so I don't know what's going on looking for assistance?

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Here is a best practice that I can offer to help improve your Shadow experience. I recommend keeping your Windows/macOS and graphics drivers up to date on both your local device and Shadow. You can use Nvidia's GeForce Experience to update your drivers on Shadow:

Ya man thanks for the response I’ve tried that and still nothing🤷‍♂️

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There were 3 of us flying last night I'm the only one on shadow and it did the same for all of us at the same time so I'm gathering it's mfs.

I was thinking of trying the flight sim. Following thread to see how it resolves. Just had my first BSD last night. Have GBs of designs and design assets, saved in my Shadow documents. Went into panic mode. Finally got it to reconnect, and spent three hours doing backups. Anybody have tips on doing a full backup of our the Shadow pc ?


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There are plenty of services you can back up to, one drive, drop box, crash plan etc…..