Bug when switching from pc tp Mobil with dual screen enabled

  • 15 January 2022
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Problem: When switching between Desktop and Mobil when dual screen enabled ill tap on my phone and my mouse will be off set to only half the screen.


Solutions: add dual screen compatibility for Mobil for users who play in VR and want to have multiple screens. 

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Hello @Red Spirit!

Please make sure to create a bug report here. NOTE: Please check if other people reported this issue already. If this bug has been reported by a different user, make sure to create a comment and add some information if possible. If the bug hasn’t been reported yet, make sure to use the template provided.

You can create a batch file on your Desktop, that switches your Windows screen settings to “Duplicate”, which fixes the cursor offset problem.

  1. Create a .txt file.
  2. Type “displayswitch /clone”.
  3. Press “save as”, select “.bat” and select a name for it. Save to “Desktop”.
  4. Double click this batch file to enable “Duplicate” screen mode, which resolves the offset issue on mobile.

To switch back to extended display mode for Dual Screen to work just do the exact same thing and create a new batch file, but replace the content with “displayswitch /extend”.

This way you can just double click this file on your desktop to switch between the optimal screen setting for mobile and the optimal screen setting for dual screen.