Builtin support for USB over IP in the Linux client

  • 27 June 2022
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Another thread was opened on the similar topic but that was over a year ago and comments have been closed. With the changes at Shadow HQ lately, I’m curious as to whether there has been some new developments on that front, so opening a new thread is the only way to check.

I am aware that there is a third party solution with Zerotier/Tailscale + VirtualHere, but these are paid solutions when you need multiple USB devices, which is quite common if one wants to use VR, a HOTAS, a steering wheel, TrackIR, streaming devices, HUD simulation devices, a drawing tablet, or a combination of those. I have a paid licence for VirtualHere and I am happy about it, but it’s still very clumsy to use and setup a VPN between the local and remote machines. Most of all, the VirtualHere license is tied to a single local machine, which kinda beats one of the main points of cloud computing because I cannot play simulators from secondary devices. For these reasons, even if I paid a licence for VirtualHere and am happy to have supported its great developer, I’d be happy to let it sleep in favour of builtin USB/IP support in all platforms with the Shadow client.

I have subscribed to Shadow exactly four years ago this month, and USB/IP for Linux as well as other platforms has been a topic of discussion in the community and in Shadow News since about that time (at the time, it was only a future plan with no delivery date, which was totally fair). I knew I would have to wait, possibly long, but what worries me now is USB/IP on Linux does not seem to be a topic of discussion anymore, whereas MacOS has gotten the feature since at least two years if not three, and possibly some of the work for MacOS could be reused for Linux. Have plans for builtin USB over IP support in the Linux client been dropped? Has it been mentioned in the last months/years in any Shadow News?

My tone may seem angry and I am sorry for that but believe me it is not, I am really just merely asking because I have not followed news as actively as I used to in the first two years of my subscription. I can wait more, this is not a vain threat to cancel my subscription, I still like Shadow and recommend it to friends. I just so very much hope builtin USB/IP is still on the roadmap for all applications, and I hope it can happen sooner than what some users have already waited since the feature was first teased.

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