Can you upgrade Shadow Win 10 from 1903 to 1909? Manually?

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I was wondering if a person can manually upgrade their 1903 shadow win 10 home to version 1909? I would also like to install the new chromium edge browser. 


Best answer by shockwaveriderz 3 June 2020, 21:47

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Is it possible on a regular windows 10 machine? 

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Go for it. Anything you do on your Shadow is at your own risk. It’s your PC under “fine print” of course. If you’re looking for ISO’s w/ prodect keys. I use this site for work and school. Mircosoft has a link to that:


The new version is the 2004. It’s working pretty fine.

Go for it².

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I’ll answer my own question. I successfully upgraded from 1903 to 1909. Also got the new Chromium Edge installed.  Also installed the drivers for my Thrustmaster TM 16000M FCS . Auto-detects my PS4 Dual-Shock after boot.