Can you use shadow on satellite?

My shadow does not work on dsl or satelite for the game I play. It does get stuck often on my android.


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If your device was made after 2014. I would suggest putting your shadow in “Low Bandwidth Mode.” Not all devices support H.265. The easiest way to find out if your device supports hardware HEVC decoding is using an App that displays codec information, like Media Codec Info. On the Codec List Tab of Media Codec Info App, check for the following:

  • OMX.qualcomm.hevc.decoder on Qualcomm chipsets
  • OMX.MEDIATEK.HEVC.DECODER on Mediatek chip-sets
  • OMX.Exynos.hevc.dec on Exynos chip-sets

If you find one of the above codecs in the list, your device supports hardware HEVC video decoding.

“When enabled, Low Bandwidth Mode allows your local device to stream Shadow using a video compression standard called High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), also known as H.265.  This allows your local device to compress the files from Shadow's stream, improving its quality.” - Shadow Tech Support





Wow thank you, I will try it now.

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Yikes, satellite internet is going to be very high latency as far as I know close to 500 or so. I do not recommend using Shadow with that at all. Also what is your download speed?