cannot pass "Password Expired" page

  • 26 March 2023
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I use Shadow without problems since the 12th of february.


But today, when I opened Shadow, a screen that looked like a windows connection page displayed “your password expired and must be changed”. I clicked on OK and a new page displayed the fields “password”, new password” and “confirm password”. I entered my Shadow password and a new password, but then I got an error “wrong user or wrong password. Try again.”. And I get back to the new password page.

The selected user seemed to be Shadow and I cannot change the selected user.

I changed my password on, but I still get the same problem.


So I cannot use Shadow! 😭


Does someone know how to solve this problem?

Thank you very much!


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Hii!!  i was having the same problem today and im not sure if youve got the help you need but ive been able to figure out (on my own 😏) that all you simply have to do is.. NOT PUT IN ANY PASSOWORD FOR THE “password” SECTION and ONLY enter in your new password and the conformation password. 


hope this works for everyone else <3!!

You are right!

Thank you very much!