Cant reset shadow

  • 27 June 2020
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There was a technical issue with windows and to fix it i need to open windows troubleshoot but shadow crashes when i try to so i want to just reset shadow fully but when i try it doesnt do anything i need help


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6 replies

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Hello, can you give some more details on what exactly happened. This will help Mods and the community to get you the assistance you need. You can run a soft reset like any other PC in Shadow. What error are you getting and has this happened before? What did you do so far? What programs were you running? 

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If you contact support they can reset it for you, alternatively you can also try shutting down your Shadow and after 15 minutes trying a reset again. 

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I tried but it says there are no agents available 

Open a ticket. Not the chat. 

Is there any feedback on when this will be fixed?

one day i just opened shadow and all colors were just gray so i took to reddit to find out and one guy said that it had something to do with windows and i had to start windows and safe mode so i searched how i am meant to hold shift and press restart to do it but it would just crash shadow so i gave up after 10 attempts and just decided to reset shadow so i went on my account and reset but after 40 minutes nothing happened so i tried again and nothing happened

I tried but it says there are no agents available