Cant sign in to support site to check my tickets??????

  • 15 October 2022
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So while this was working all day yesterday .. Starting around 9pm i went to check my ticket and as normally it says i am logged in as than click continue to shadow help center than on next page it says You are logged out?????? Than it worked around 10pm let me logged in so i can reply to the support. I woke up a hour ago 8am and its doing it again... 

So i cant even reply to support unless i do it in email????? I can log in to my account and log into shadow tho. But yea this isn't on my end cause i tried it on 3 computers including shadow and i get the same log out message…


I even tried to log on to support with my phone and tablet it does the same log out message on the next page….





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seems to be back working now.