CCleaner safe or not

  • 3 June 2020
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Hello everyone!

I've been using CCleaner on my own PC for years. Not on my Shadow as I don't browse on it as often. (mostly just to check fixes for stuff).

But now I read that Kaspersky considers it malware. Now it feels like it flags it as such because they have a similar product, but I'd like to have some more insight on this. Since it's not my own PC I tend to take more care of my Shadow than my own… if that makes sense.


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4 replies

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They both do two different things. Kaspersky is a security program, an anti-virus program. CCleaner is a cleaner program, removing thing that are are needed. They do not duplicate each other.

CCleaner does several useful things, but also does something very dangerous, if you let it. Hint: Its registry cleaning functionality. 

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Yes, CC cleaner works on Shadow. I have it installed and I’ve used it on Shadow before. 

Yeh, I have used CC cleaner on shadow as well. I only have the free version, but I downloaded it to try to maximize drive space (as one does when you only have 256gb) and it seemd to minimally work. Its definitely safe to use, just be careful when selecting options for cleaning stuff like registry files, you don’t want it to mess with any built vital in shadow programs.


Also, beware….its a big pop up add program and they are quite annoying to get rid of.



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Hi there.

CCleaner is full of malware, and could delete some important windows files.
Many users had this kind of issues in the past.. not on shadow but on their normal desktop or laptop.

For cleaning use cleanmgr.exe (win + r)

It's not recommended to use any anti virus or cleaning program on your shadow, this could lead in issues with your shadow.
Like connectivity issues.