• 16 February 2022
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Got on Shadow for the first time in a week and it was updating. Actually, as I'm typing's still updating.. not sure what the hold up is. However, where can I find the most recent update changelog? 


Also, side note for anyone actually AT shadow reading this... Please update the information required to create chat on forum as you only offer one type of shadow now and I am still currently not away of where my shadow server is. I was told Texas but I'm pretty sure it's in NYC. Please advise!

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2 replies

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Hello @lilsparky 

You can find the most recent changelogs on every Shadow discord. Here a link to the latest changelogs on the Shadow ENG Discord Server:

If you want information on where your Shadow is located you can feel free to send me a direct message containing the IP address of your Shadow. You can check the IP address by searching it up on google or using on your Shadow.

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Hey @lilsparky


To find the most recent changelog for the week, please go ahead and visit our roadmap & release notes section of the forum. If there are any new changelogs for the week, they will be posted on there every Friday.


If you still have issues with your Shadow being stuck on updating, please reach out to our wonderful Support Team from your account page ( so that they can help look into this further. They will also be able to inform you on where your Shadow is located. I also suggest looking through our help center as a starting point: