changing priority in task manager

  • 5 April 2022
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i bought star citizen the other week and i thought id use shadow to let me play the game i looked online on how to make it work better and it told me to change the priority of the game in task manager so i went into task manager and it wouldnt let me change the priority it kept saying “unable to change priority” so me being the idiot i am and didnt read the rules i booted it up into safe mode then i couldnt get onto my shadow. i just wanted to change the priority so the game would run a little more smooth cant you do that or is my shadow just being like that? 

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1 reply



u can't change the priority of the game because some kind of anticheat is protecting the game files from getting altered. 


That is a absolutely normal behavior and works like expected… if u want to change the priority of a protected prozess u have to do it in the registry.




just use this file that i have created for u… after that the game should run with high prio.


i hope it helps