Community Workaround: Xbox Game Pass and "NTFS" error

  • 20 August 2020
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Update: This issue should be resolved.

Hi #TeamShadow, 

For users running into issues installing Xbox Game Pass games on their Shadow and getting the error message “For this game, choose a drive that's formatted as NTFS” OR error code 0x80073D13, we now have a lovely article on how to resolve this issue!


If the issue still persists after trying the above solution, you can try using this community workaround on Reddit!

Disclaimer: This is a community workaround (not official). Please advance at your own risk. Our team is both aware of and looking into the issue.


6 replies

Excellent community guide! This will help alot of users :)

I've tackled the problem in a different way - by creating a virtual disk - since I ran into some troubles trying to shrink my C drive.

This different way requires alot more steps but at least I got it working.

Here's the link on what steps to take, in case anyone needs it:

Others have also found this useful.  Again, another community workaround (not official)!



It is not only the xbox game pass…. Had same problem with a game from Microsoft Store which I bought. Forza Horizon 4. It is about 100 GB size. Guess that is the problem. Because small games work without reformatting hard disk.


Wow, the official solution is DELETE EVERYTHING? Luckily the community is more able than the staff and the VHD solution works perfectly. Even though there should not be such an issue in the first place.

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It’s more a Microsoft issue not allowing other sector allocation sizes. Shadow was at 16 and had to go to 4k due to games pass limitations with all new vm’s. -Gelgoog


it might be luck of the draw because at first i had the same problem but i needed to reset my shadow for another problem it seemed to fix it so ya