Community Workaround: Xbox Game Pass and "NTFS" error

  • 20 August 2020
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Hi #TeamShadow, 

For users running into issues installing Xbox Game Pass games on their Shadow and getting the error message “For this game, choose a drive that's formatted as NTFS” OR error code 0x80073D13, please refer to this community workaround on Reddit!

Disclaimer: This is a community workaround (not official). Please advance at your own risk. Our team is both aware of and looking into the issue.


2 replies

Excellent community guide! This will help alot of users :)

I've tackled the problem in a different way - by creating a virtual disk - since I ran into some troubles trying to shrink my C drive.

This different way requires alot more steps but at least I got it working.

Here's the link on what steps to take, in case anyone needs it:

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Others have also found this useful.  Again, another community workaround (not official)!