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  • 13 November 2020
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I run shadow on an iMac Mid 2014, and lately I have been having connection issues. This may be my connection but I have reason to believe that it could be a problem with shadow. Whenever I run a game I notice my ping goes significantly higher to 300-500 but my connection on desktop or something light to run like google chrome is 22-23. Another thing I also noticed is that when running a game I check task manager and the disk percentage on the rig is 100% and the whole column is outlined in red. When I do go off the game the percentage goes down as does my ping. I’m pretty sure I am connected to the Paris servers of shadow, and I run the latest version of shadow. I do have a ethernet cable and run about 20 - 25 ping average.
If there are any fixes for that help, ASAP would be appreciated, and if you have any additional information from me required just ask and I’ll try to provide you with some.
Again I’m not sure whether its my connection or just shadow in general I just want it to be fixed.

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How are you connected to your router? Have you tried 1 bandwidth?