Constant Audio issues - Just Can't fix them

  • 29 April 2022
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I don’t have audio on my Shadow and it’s frustrating issue.


On my local PC, Audio is working fine. On the shadow client, the audio is set to “Digital Audio HDMI”.


So far, i’ve tried to set the Audio in the windows+r settings panel from high quality to medium. That didn’t fix the issue.


I also don’t see any output device on my shadow that is named “shadow” something, the only thing i see is the above mentioned “Digital Audio HDMI”


When i reinstalled my shadow it worked once, and stopped working after the client crashed for the first time.


This issue is incredibly frustrating to me, as i can’t play games properly without Audio.


How can i fix this issue ? IT seems that there are alot of people who have this, and i think it’s caused by the audio coming from the HDMI


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Hey there @Reef2C, sorry to hear that you’re facing audio issues. 


Can you try the steps listed on our known issues help center article


Basically, you can try reinstalling the latest Nvidia driver on your Shadow. 

Hey again,


updating the nvidia graphic drivers manually not only fixed my audio problems but i have a much muuuuch better video quality and much smoother gaming experiance all of a sudden!! wow the difference i cant describe!!  also, i kept getting huge lags ingame, those are also gone! thanks :D