Controller increasing input Lag (Nacon Unlimited Ghost Box)


Hi there, I hope you guys can give me some advice.

Whenever I hook up my Nacon Unlimited Controller on my Shadow Ghost the input lag increases.

So when I start it reacts directly without lag, after 1 minute the lag is noticeable, after 2 minutes the lag is starting to get annoying, after a few minutes more the game is unplayable.

Disconnecting the USB and plugging it back in repeats the cycle. So it starts with direct and the lag increases as the time goes by.

I have this problem on several games I play with the controller. 


Can someone shed some advice on this problem? Using a Ghost by the way and the controller is connected to the USB 3.0 ports

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Did you try all the USB ports? Are you able to try it via Bluetooth as well? 


I have tried a different USB port (2.0 one) but that did not even activate the controller. So that was actually worse. However I then connected again without the extension USB cord. And for now that works. Not sure if the cord is faulty or there is loss of signal; but one way or another it works now.


Bluetooth is not possible as it works using a dongle connected by, you guessed it, USB ;-)